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Benzene: What you don’t know CAN harm you!

When I first became aware of the dangers of fracking, I was oblivious to the role Benzene played in this danger.  Benzene is a colorless, sweet smelling chemical that evaporates rapidly when in contact with air.  C6H6.  It sounds pretty harmless until you explore the health effects and realize how pervasive the issue is if you live near a fossil fuel extraction site or refinery. Continue reading


Would You Dump Your Trash In A Neighbor’s Yard? Produced Water Headed to Nebraska

2.2 Billion. That is an estimated 2,200,000,000 gallons of waste water or “produced water” coming out of Colorado fracking wells in 2012 alone, as reported by Environment America. We know that the number of wells increased by about 10% to 53,288 in January of 2015, so the number is probably about 2.6 billion gallons of toxic water that must be disposed of this year. Continue reading


Message from Kaye Fissinger

Kaye Fissinger wrote the following and presented it to Americans Against Fracking to inform them of the work being done here in Colorado.

As growing scientific evidence continues to tie hydraulic fracturing to negative health, property and environmental impacts, concerned people from across Colorado have joined together to redouble efforts to protect Coloradans from this extreme gas and oil extraction method. Yesterday, people representing a broad base of businesses, health, community, environmental, faith, youth and social justice organizations gathered in Denver to launch “Coloradans Against Fracking,” a coalition highlighting the failure of Governor John Hickenlooper’s oil and gas task force to produce legislative recommendations that will protect Coloradans from fracking. Continue reading


Launch of Coloradans Against Fracking and Press Release

On Tuesday, February 24, 2015, Coloradans representing our state’s rich diversity came together in Denver to launch Coloradans Against Fracking. The new broad-based coalition is calling on Governor John Hickenlooper to use his executive authority to protect our families, our health and our beautiful state by placing a ban on hydraulic fracturing. We held a press conference outside the Denver Convention Center, while inside, the Governor’s appointed oil and gas task force — a body that includes no public health professionals or leaders from the groups that enacted community-led initiatives to stop fracking — met inside to finalize its recommendations to the Governor. We reject these recommendations, because they ignore the inherent dangers of fracking, which continuously mounting scientific evidence links to public health problems (birth defects, cancers), air pollution, water contamination and property damage. Continue reading