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Launch of Coloradans Against Fracking and Press Release

On Tuesday, February 24, 2015, Coloradans representing our state’s rich diversity came together in Denver to launch Coloradans Against Fracking. The new broad-based coalition is calling on Governor John Hickenlooper to use his executive authority to protect our families, our health and our beautiful state by placing a ban on hydraulic fracturing. We held a press conference outside the Denver Convention Center, while inside, the Governor’s appointed oil and gas task force — a body that includes no public health professionals or leaders from the groups that enacted community-led initiatives to stop fracking — met inside to finalize its recommendations to the Governor. We reject these recommendations, because they ignore the inherent dangers of fracking, which continuously mounting scientific evidence links to public health problems (birth defects, cancers), air pollution, water contamination and property damage. Continue reading


A Letter to The Editor Published in the Daily Camera January, 2015

I wrote this to call attention to the lack of consideration for moral principles by the government, corporations, and even by the Physician at the head of Colorado Department of health and the environment.

Karen Dike: Governor’s approach to oil and gas a sham Continue reading



Below is blog I wrote about a year ago and never published.  The facts aren’t from the latest data, but they remain true over time.  That is the good thing about facts: they don’t change.


I have a friend who says,” That is unconscionable” when someone is making bad decisions that are of questionable ethics.  Recently I decided what we are seeing with the pollution from Oil and Gas Drilling/ Fracking raises to the level of being unconscionable. Continue reading


It Is Time

I am going to post a speech I gave at a rally. Because IT IS TIME!

Time to stop saying natural gas is a bridge to the future; it is a bridge to nowhere
A new study shows that fracking for natural gas releases enough methane into the atmosphere to be 86 times worse than for the climate over a 20 year period than burning coal.
Time to end the Halliburton loophole that gives the oil and gas companies’ exemption from 7 federal acts including the clean air and water acts. If they weren’t polluting they wouldn’t need these exemptions. Continue reading