It Is Time

I am going to post a speech I gave at a rally. Because IT IS TIME!

Time to stop saying natural gas is a bridge to the future; it is a bridge to nowhere
A new study shows that fracking for natural gas releases enough methane into the atmosphere to be 86 times worse than for the climate over a 20 year period than burning coal.
Time to end the Halliburton loophole that gives the oil and gas companies’ exemption from 7 federal acts including the clean air and water acts. If they weren’t polluting they wouldn’t need these exemptions.

Time to tell the Colorado lawmakers that the Oil and Gas industry must stop polluting our land, water and air. A study showed 19.3 tons of methane released an HOUR in the Front Range. We know that this pollution also contains Volatile organic compounds such as benzene, toluene, and xylene along with radioactive substances such as radon.
Time to let the industry know that we won’t trade our health and that of our families and friends for their corporate profits
Time to tell the industry we don’t have to prove that you are sickening us with your pollution, prove to us that breathing methane and VOCs is good for us.

Time to stop the air pollution caused by using open evaporation pits and the practice of spraying this contaminated produced water on roads and land
Time to stop using our valuable water resource for fracking. Each well takes 3 to 5 million gallons of water to frack. Ground water is also being contaminated and can sometimes be lit on fire.
There are 55,000 wells in Colorado, along with 80,000 inactive wells. A recent study in Boulder County showed 20% of the wells there are leaking. Inactive wells are also known to leak.
Time to say I deserve to live in my home without a dirty industry moving in next door sickening me and my family
Time for a time out.

Time to stop falling for the line that jobs will be lost if we stop fossil fuel production
Time to realize that the jobs numbers spouted by the fossil fuel industry are inflated and that a switch to renewables offers new, better jobs.

Time to protect our land, air and water from all dirty fossil fuels
Time to elect people ready to develop solutions to prevent further climate change
Time for the United States to be a world leader again with tough regulations for pollution

Time to realize that no matter what religion or belief system we have, that a creator would not want this earth destroyed.
Time to realize that the creator has supplied us with solar and wind to meet our needs without destroying our beautiful planet

Time to say leave dirty fuels in the ground
Time to say: Stop fracking with our land air and water
Time to say: Stop fracking up our environment and climate.

YES dammit: IT IS TIME

About Karen Dike

I retired in 2013 after working for over 40 years as a Registered Nurse. I worked mainly in the critical care areas as an Administrator. After I moved back to Colorado, to be near my grandchildren, I discovered how fracking was decimating this beautiful state, damaging communities and affecting health of the citizens. I am now spending my retirement fighting this reckless, dirty industry.

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